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  • InterHaus

    “InterHaus” Ltd. is the biggest and leading real estate development company in city Jurmala. We have always been dedicated on utmost quality projects, which has lead us to understanding that the real life begins when a person switches focus from everyday worries and operative tasks to dreams and values. We started the business back in year 2002, developing the most beautiful territories of Jurmala city and creating elegant, safe and cleverly designed real estate projects of the exclusive segment of real estate market.

    Over time life has changed more that we could have imagined. Countless opportunities have become a norm of life. They are the grounds of our well-being and future plans for us and our children.

    We like what we do a lot, and therefore we are happy for our results: our companies have grown into serious businesses that are nowadays playing important role in businesses’ and peoples’ lives as well as the infrastructure of city Jurmala. Let us introduce you to our business structure.


    SIA “InterHaus” is selling exclusive apartments, private houses, offices and plots of land. It is also working on investment projects that add value to Jurmala’s infrastructure. We pay utmost attention to our clients’ satisfaction, therefore in our development work we are taking care of all financial and legal aspects that are necessary for the good result. We offer consultations and legal assistance when purchasing a real estate. We also manage construction and renovation, design interiors and provide servicing works to our clients.


    SIA “InterHaus” has a daughter company “Inter Unico” that is taking the best care of maintaining your property in the best order. That includes not only services for infrastructure, but also gardening, plumbing, electricity and any other tasks for your convenience. Our clients do not spend time looking for qualified specialists to do maintenance or renovation. They contact with their private manager who solves any issue related to those chores. This service allows our clients devote maximum time for their own priorities and at the same time enjoy utmost comfort living.


    Our residential and commercial objects are situated in the most exclusive locations in city Jurmala and other locations in Latvia. They


    • “Sea Castle” – elite residential complex and commercial space that includes SIA “InterHaus” office building, vine bar “Noir bar,” cuisine and cake shop „Brown Sugar” and beauty salon „Chocolate that is located in Bulduri, Bulduru prospect 33.
    • “Jurmala Wave” – exclusive residential project in Dzintari, Dzintaru prospect 13/15.
    • “Dzintari Residence” – elite residential complex in Dzintari, Madonas street 5.
    • Piejuras 1A – three stories high house and exclusive surroundings in the dune zone in Pumpuri, Piejuras street 1A.
    • “Ligo Bazars” – tastefully designed, bright shopping center in Kauguri, Raina street 112B.


    In parallel to real estate development works we are working in other market segments. Our vine bar “Noir” in Bulduri, (Bulduru prospect 33) is a combination of Spanish tapa bar and interior design with elements from New York city, Havana and Barcelona. “Brown Sugar” is located in three locations: Riga (Baznicas street 1/3), Bulduri (Bulduru prospect 33) and Kauguri (Raiņa street 112B). There you can find exclusive cuisine and cakes as well as cozy environment and beautiful interior. Beauty salon “Chocolate” is located in Bulduri (Bulduru prospect 33) and it is well respected among business people. The shopping center “Ligo bazars” in Kauguri (Raiņa street 112B) is bright and well organized, offering wide range of opportunities for ecological food as well as everyday household and leisure items.

    Finished projects
    Villa 21
    Jurmala, Bulduri, 21 Bulduru Ave
    Jurmala Wave
    Jurmala, Dzintari, 13/15 Dzintaru Ave
    Amber Residence
    Jurmala, Dzintari, 5 Madonas Str
    Sea Castle
    Jurmala, Bulduri, 33 Bulduru Ave
    Piejuras 1a
    Jurmala, 1a Piejūras Str